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Content reminders and to-dos

These pages are placeholders or are missing content:

  • Past bike Magna
  • Past bike G
  • MC trips and stories
  • MC rally scoring page (stub)
  • MC rally other pages (missing)
  • FJR1300
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Domestic - family, Dad's trips, etc.
  • Books

Try to keep the index structure going: each grid square on the index page should match with a child page of the main page, and the pages immediately under those should all be in the matching category.


Find out about a subweb that's private, only accessible to me. Do my web hosters have the features to permit this? Can I do it on a per-page basis?

Here is the site structure I sketched a while ago:

  • M/C
    • Trips
      • Storytellers I, II, III
      • Hwy 49 / Gold Country
      • Etc...
    • Bikes
      • FJR
        • Farkles
        • Parts, oil, tires, future farkles
        • Service history
      • Magna
      • G
      • Rallies
        • Cal24 discussion page / history
        • Scorer's Notes
        • Rallying advice
      • GPS - see Technology
  • Travel
    • Italy
    • Final Four 2005
    • Orient Express
  • Music/Books
    • Science fiction authors, books, and series to get to
    • AS at GAMH
    • AS video tape bank (incl Borders Books)
  • Domestic
    • Cats
    • J x-rays
    • Family
      • Dad's Alaska trip
  • Technology
    • Video hardware and software including Premiere
    • Computers
      • 3D video, 3D stereo,
    • Digital photography
      • Canon violet fringe
      • Panoramic photography pics and links
    • GPS
      • Device comparison article
  • Cell-accessible reminder lists (unformatted pages, plain links)
    • Books
    • Movies
    • PC games
    • PS2 games
    • "Feedback" system for adding content - or just e-mail to myself.
  • Forum posting system for adding content placeholders / reminders from browsers
    • ...or just e-mail to myself; the content is equally web-accessible...

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This page was last edited April 26, 2008.