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Managing categories and navigation

I've just about decided to use the nav structure and put a single-level child nav bar on each page, rather than manage both the nav tree and categories. I still want to use categories on the home page because I want people to be able to jump two levels into the site if they want.

To put a page in a category, open the page, then right-click inside it > Page Properties > Workgroup and pick one or more. Use the Categories button to create more categories. Then save the page. (Right-click from other views doesn't save the change.)

The homepage contains multiple TOCs, one for each top-level. The top page of each category contains a nav bar for its child pages.The top page of a category should not be in that category.

Multi-level categories (like MC > historic and current) have their second-level page in the master category (MC), and TOCs of the subcategory.

In the category TOCs, pages sort by name. In the child nav bar, they sort in the order they appear in the nav tree.

This page was last edited April 26, 2008.