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Digital camera shopping

I'm using this page as a dumping ground for digital camera shopping, specifically a tiny-size camera for the bike and trips.

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July 2006:

Jon got a Canon SD-630. 6mpix, very compact form factor, no viewfinder, starts fast, very long-life battery, cheap additional battery. Uses SD memory. Still has Canon purple fringe effect.

Jon also researched the Casio XLM, which has image stabilization. Similar form factor. Very long-life battery; second battery might be more expensive.

Kodak V570 dual lens with 27mm wide-angle lens. But it's $350 - for only 2x that I could get a digital SLR and be able to change lenses.

Sony DSCT5 $250 at Fry's. Of course, it probably uses Sony memory which would suck, have to check that.

Casio EX-260 with anti-shake features - $250.

Canon A410 for $140... Only 3.2mpix (2048x1536), and it's a Canon :-(

I bought the Canon SD800IS and I'm pretty happy with it. The sharpening is too strong in the camera. I have to remember to use Manual mode and set the Custom color mode with Sharpening set all the way down, then postprocess the images. I dropped this camera some time in the spring of 2007 and I have sent it back to Canon for repair rather than buy another.

I did a lot of DSLR shopping in the summer of 2007 after being frustrated with my WFO-6 motorcycle trip pictures, but ultimately I decided it's not for me. It's harder to take easy pictures reliably, and the cost, carry-around bulk, and psychic burden of a full-size DSLR compared to a little pocket-size camera are things I'm not willing to bear. Maybe if I schedule a trip where picture-taking will be a big deal, I'll look at that market again.



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