Jenny and Allan in England 2006

Jenny and Allan spent Christmas 2006 in England with Jenny's father Arg, her brother Mike, and Mike's wife Angel. These are some pictures from that trip.

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A classic English pub in Bloomsbury

Jenny and Allan at the British Museum

Jenny with a friend

The London Eye

The whole gang having Sunday dinner at the Savoy

We had a highly atmospheric visit to Windsor Castle

Night shot of the Victoria Monument outside Buckingham Palace

The Millenium Bridge across the Thames, viewing St. Paul's from the Tate Modern Museum

Jenny at Castle Combe, a medieval "wool town" in the Cotswolds where we stayed. The original Dr. Dolittle was shot here

Another view of Castle Combe, with Jenny's family in the background

The Roman Baths in Bath

Jenny at Stonehenge, one of the top ten henges in the world

Everybody outside a pub on London's Ring Road. A bar with this name in San Francisco would probably have a different character and clientele

The ruins of the abbey at Bury St. Edmund's, where we got a tour from the deputy Mayor

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