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My 2004 Yamaha FJR1300

My current bike is a 2004 Yamaha FJR1300. This is a "super-sport touring" bike, with a very strong motor and enough comfort for very long days.

Key FJR1300 links include the forum at and the FJR mailing list you will find at, plus the excellent technical web site for owners at, the extensive general info pages at, and the parts-and-accessories vendor at Many of these sites have extensive links pages of their own that you should check out.

A small percentage of FJR1300 units from (at least) the 2001-2005 model years suffer from a symptom that owners online call "The Tick." It's a degenerative condition that is characterized by excessive exhaust valve guide wear, resulting in excessive exhaust valve play and (perhaps) delayed and abrupt valve closing, making a distinctive sound. This is also associated with unburned oil getting into the exhaust system and eventually coming out of the muffler cans.

Follow the links below to my articles about The Tick and other FJR1300 topics:.

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