Past Bike: Suzuki GSX1100G

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My Past Bike: Suzuki GSX1100G

In 2002 I bought a used 1991 Suzuki GSX1100G. That bike is a shaft-drive standard with the amazing Suzuki GSX1100 engine. ("Standard" means this: it's not a cruiser, not a sportbike, and not a Goldwing-style touring bike; the rider has an upright posture, not leaned forward or back.)

Elsewhere on this site, you can also find pages about my other major "past bike," a 1996 Honda Magna.

The GSX1100G was only sold in the USA from 1991-1993. There are still many owners and accessories are widely available, including multiple sources for fairings and saddlebags to make it more of a touring bike. In effect, it was a sport-touring bike before that category was invented.

As you can see from this picture, I had three major accessories for the G: a set of the original Suzuki-branded Krauser saddlebags, a Rifle fairing, and a Corbin custom seat.

I don't really have much more to say about the G. It's a great bike, with that fast and bulletproof engine. There wasn't enough wind protection for my hands or my feet, and even at 4.5 gallons or more, the gas tank was a little small for me.


This page was last edited April 26, 2008.