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Jenny's Wrist X-Rays

In November, 2005, Jenny broke her left wrist in a motorcycle accident. She's fine now (July 2006) but it was a pretty bad break.

Jenny's father is a retired orthopedic surgeon and we kept him apprised of her progress by sending him pictures of her X-ray and fluoroscope images as her treatment progressed. He told us repeatedly that her surgeon, Dr. Daniel Martin, had done an excellent job, that her break was a bad one and the degree of success of the surgery was remarkable.

There are four pages in this section:

  1. Initial x-rays, before any surgery
    Includes sketches of the pins and "tension loop" that Dr. Martin used
  2. Post-operative, with seven pins holding her bones together
    Includes Dr. Martin's biography
  3. Christmas 2005, after getting all but three pins out
    Includes fluoroscope pictures of Jenny's hitherto-undiagnosed "radial head fracture." That is, she had also broken her right arm near the elbow but nobody noticed.
  4. Final images after all pins were removed


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