Motorcycle Rallies

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Motorcycle Rallies

I enjoy long-distance motorcycling. For me, that mostly means twelve-hour days on a variety of highways and back roads with lots of curves and few stops. For others, it means going (at least) 1,000 miles in 24 hours, or doing other, more intensive endurance riding.

There is a mailing list for people who enjoy this kind of riding: insert ldriders mailing list link here. The Iron Butt Association (link here), run by Mike Kneebone, recognizes and organizes a variety of challenging rides, from the 1,000-in-24 "SaddleSore" to the ten-day, ten-thousand-mile Iron Butt Rally held every two years.

There are several LDRiding events or "rallies" throughout the year. Some are "ride-to-eat" events where people go just to have lunch and see each other face-to-face. Others are competitive "scavenger hunt" events where you ride a lot of miles and try to collect more bonus points than the other riders. (These are not races - riding the fastest or the farthest does not lead to victory. Also, there are no cash prizes, only plaques for the finishers.)

For four years now, I have been a volunteer at the Cal24 event organized by Tom Melchild and Mike Heran. You can read about my experiences and thoughts on rallying in general in these pages:

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