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Motorcycle roads index

I collect fun motorcycle roads and I like to share them with others, and know what roads other people have discovered. This page is an index to all that I have online in that department.

In June, 2008, a German rider on the LDRider mailing list asked about riding in the US generally. I wrote a long article, Driving in the US by Region, dividing the USA into about seven regions.

The California page is original content by me based on my knowledge or what I've heard. Almost all the other states are pages I have created based on what other people have written. It's kind of a "wish list" and a reference for when I plan trips in the future. Much of this content is "clippings," pasted copies of other people's postings so I can find the information later when I want it.

MC roads: CA
MC Roads: CO
MC Roads: ID
MC roads: KS
MC Roads: NC
MC Roads: NV
MC Roads: OR
MC Roads: UT
MC roads: VT
MC Roads: WA

If I have a "clipping" of yours here and you don't want me to have it on my site, sorry! Please tell me.

Other motorcycle road links:
New England, Colorado, and South Dakota map books for motorcycling
Amazing site. Tons of maps, routes, photos, and links for California riding. Sadly, he started having to charge for access, but there is a lot of info just in his indexes and "What's new?" pages, plus his forums. It's worth money to subscribe, especially if you want to learn a lot about California roads and rides at once.
Contributions from LDRiders - the Seven Wonders of 50 states. Not always roads, some lists are about sites or sights.

This page was last edited June 30, 2008.