NoPolio! Rally Additional Info

This event is a fund raiser for PolioPlus, a program from Rotary International helping to eradicate polio worldwide. You can read more online about how and why Rotary International fights polio.

Where to send your banquet fee

Please mail in your rally and banquet fee ($75 for rider, additional $50 for a passenger) after you register. The Friday BBQ and Saturday dinner/party are $25 each for non-riders.

You must register by September 1 or we might not be able to accommodate you.

Make your check out to Bob Mutchler and send it to:

Bob Mutchler
622 Wales Drive
Folsom, CA 95630

What to bring

Dress in layers: you will be starting while it's cool, but it will get hot.

A camera is required for scoring bonuses. Cell-phone cameras are fine.

Bring a GPS unit or prepare your phone in advance: your nav aids need to last all day and work offline, even when you are outside cell-phone coverage. Check out the "Offline maps" feature of Google Maps, for example.

Also bring your PolioPlus donation (minimum $50 per person), made out to "PolioPlus Motorcycle Rides."

Who We Are

The NoPolio event started as a ride-to-eat banquet in 2009 honoring some donors to PolioPlus. In 2010, Bob Mutchler decided to do it again and include an eight-hour rally.

Past Rallymasters: Lisa and Reiner Kappenberger (2010), Allan Pratt (2011-2014, 2018), and Jerry White (2015-2017).

Bob Mutchler is an avid long-distance motorcyclist who has been helping Rotary fight polio for a long time. Everyone who knows Bob has seen his passion to eradicate polio from the earth. Bob is a member of the Rotary Club of Folsom, CA.

For more information, please email Bob Mutchler, You can also call Bob's mobile number (916) 798-4488.

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